loki story

June 20th, 2008  |  Published in Commentary for Sapiens

[a story told by @avalokitesvara (Loki) for mission 31]

Once upon time is nice sapien who sad about all the other sad sapiens going all “Oh I is missrable cos I has no munni” or “I is loneli and it make me cry”, so he go around trying to make evryone happy innit? But noone really get happier and he try to fink why. He fink and fink and try some good idea out but everyone still all “Why me?”

So he sit down unner a tree like he seen some other sapiens doin and wait for answer. Long long long long long time latr he forget why he sitting there, but he suddnly kno why evryone so sad and he try to splain to evryone. He manage to talk to many sapiens but only one or two gets it before he so old he lay down and not get up. Now, unlike mose other sapiens he learnd how to have a nuther go from beginning, like after GAME OVER and you pushes PLAY. See, he unnerstands PLAY is answer for sad Sapiens so can become Ludens and not have no more “Oh, poor ole me, I is so unforchoonet”. But still after many more times GAME OVER, still lots more sapiens going boohoo. So venchully he come back as summink diffrent so more peepl notices and maybe lissn. This time comes back as big blue rabbit (but can go small too for fit in pockets) cos you see it is loki has bin talk about… eternal happy bunny. Forgots original face and original name, but has new name.

Name Avalokiteśvara made up of parts: first bit ava, meaning “down”; lokita, mean to “notice, or observe”, and las bit īśvara, meanings “master”, y’know like Jedi Master in star wars or summink, but no killin involved, just lots of luvin insted. Although, could also be ending svara (“sound, noise”), which means “sound perceiver”, so maybe that cos of the big ears innit?

Any way has own song an everythink what goes OM MANI PADME HUM, nice innit?

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