Day 16

June 20th, 2008  |  Published in Commentary for Sapiens

It was once suggested The Game was to finish today, but it seems the Ludens are having a hard time accepting that the play may have to stop at some stage. There is still much bartering going on, Lepufo’s been busy around the house, Loki and Lepufo both told origin stories so could they could graduate to Ludens Ludens and ladybird_appie is planning a grand finally mashup of missions 40 and 8, currently set to take place in/across/around/over Birmingham on either the 4th or the 5th of July. Though there’s a growing movement to choose the 4th of July:

avalokitesvara @ladybird_appie 4th of JULY? maybe weMerican themed it and go invade someone?

avalokitesvara Invadin fings is called In-deep end-dance apparently

ladybird_appie @avalokitesvara end-dance? well, that seems very appropriate! how do we go about it - do I need to make any spessul arragements?

avalokitesvara need lots of plains i fink. will rees earchit

egorbeaver oh am likin forfofjuly plan - luden sa can call it work so can come do merican tressure hunt

avalokitesvara pparently in-deep end-dance is all about blowing things up, punching aleens, and smoking cigars.…

We’ve not yet been told the details, but sounds like it’s going to take a bit of time to plan. Expectations are that it will be good.

And that’s about it really, all a bit quiet after all the activity of the Ludens’ Tea Party last night and several players graduating to Ludens Ludens, nothing much happened at all, not a lot to write about here that anyone’d be interested in.

Oh, except

Dave_the_mouse came back!

Here’s how it unfolded:

Dave_the_mouse Thanks to Loki and lepufo for being concerned about me. I got lost down the back of the sofa.

lepufo @Dave_the_mouse Hellooo! Great to see you! can you come to the treasure hunt?

aposematic (appie) ladybird_appie @Dave_the_mouse

lepufo - Yipee!

welcome bak

Dave_the_mouse *blinks* Didn’t realise I’d caused so much trouble by being lost in the sofa. Treasure hunt?

yohmoh @Dave_the_mouse oh Dave, where to start?! welcome back, anyway. Glad you’re safe.

Dave_the_mouse Oh my ears and whiskers!! People were really worried. How can I make amends? Maybe there could be a mission suggestion just for me?

yohmoh @Dave_the_mouse How about decorating yourself and getting your photo taken as a starting point?

yohmoh Also we’ve found lots of new Ludens friends since you were last with us - you might want to follow them.


Dave_the_mouse There’s my piccy. Decorations.. hmm. Will there be a party when the game ends? I likes a good party.

yohmoh @Dave_the_mouse Great! Good to finally see you! Actually, there was a big teaparty last night (that’s why it’s so quiet here today).

yohmoh @Dave_the_mouse @ladybird_appie wants to organise a big treasure hunt/tea party in a few weeks’ time.Can you come?

lepufo @Dave_the_mouse yay! you has face, I wasn’t far off

So, there you go. @Dave_the_mouse is back and apparently wanting to do missions.

What mission do you give to a mouse that’s been lost down the back of the sofa for 72 days?

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