Reconnaissance Assignment

May 1st, 2008  |  Published in Instructions for Ludens

Document the 24-hour period you have nominated and then share the results with the other Ludens. Real-time updates are preferable, but not essential.

Dr_Boobly and Eliffant have set the precedent with their rucksack expeditions: we need roving avatars and we want to see what you see (hear/smell/taste/touch/think/feel etc etc).

  • Use whatever means you feel is/are appropriate.
  • Do not expose the identity of any Ludens.
  • Be cautious of revealing your exact location.
  • Pay particular attention to the things that may help you in The Game.
  • Contact Yohmoh if you need to send in your documentation by email. He will provide you with an anonymous account.
  • Ludens not on active assignment are responsible for support duties.

Friday 2nd of May: Appie
Saturday 3rd of May: Eliffant, Stainbear
Sunday 4th of May: Lepufo
Monday 5th of May: Loki
Tuesday 6th of May: Furpile
Wednesday 7th of May: Cross_triangle
Thursday 8th of May: LeonHerring

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