initial instructions

April 6th, 2008  |  Published in Instructions for Ludens

  1. Acquire a soft toy (possibly from a charity shop) to represent you in The Game. This will become your avatar. It is what will represent you throughout The Game.
  2. Decide on a name for your avatar. This name should be distinct from your own name. The avatar will represent you throughout The Game.
  3. Register a Twitter account in the name of your avatar.
  4. Under ‘settings’ add details to your avatar’s profile:
    • Enter ‘emergent game’ as your location. (Not ‘Emergent Game’)
    • Upload a photo of your avatar for your Twitter profile picture.
    • Do not enter any other information that indicates who you are outside of The Game (your avatar will represent you throughout The Game).
    • Make sure your updates are not protected.
    • You may adjust the other settings to your own preferences.
  5. Start to customise your avatar so that it better represents you. You may do this in any way that you wish and using whatever resources you have access to. Be advised the The Game will take place online and in the physical world - you may want to take into account the portability of your avatar as you are constructing it.
  6. Send regular updates to Twitter to document the process of customising your avatar.
  7. Seek out other avatars on Twitter and establish communications with those you wish to associate with. (This may or may not help you progress through The Game.)

The Rules for Twitter:

  1. You may follow other avatars/ludens.
  2. You are not permitted to follow or otherwise communicate with any non-avatars/sapiens. (Non-avatars/sapiens may follow you: they are not part of The Game, and are not bound by The Rules).
  3. @TheLudensShow and @emgm_bot are part of The Game, but there’s no point in following them.

Await further instructions.

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