Definitions of terms used on the website that you may be unfamiliar with. Some of these are technical terms and others are words that have been adopted/invented within The Game.

In this case, the thing that represents players within The Game. Their embodiment, if you will. Here we’re using customised toys rather than a digital image. See the wikipedia page on avatars for more information.
A service providing free wi-fi access to and other websites within a mile of Birmingham city centre. More information here.

A way of getting notifications of when websites are updated. For an introductory guide please read this article on the BBC website. You can get free feedreader accounts with services such as Google Reader or Bloglines. It’ll make playing the game a lot easier.

The feeds for this site are:
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Posts for ludens:
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What the Sapiens sometimes call ‘computers’.
Probably not Sapiens. Definitely not Ludens. Everyone else.
Man the player. Ludens are in Emergent Game and they influence Emergent Game. The only way to fully know what’s going on is to become a Ludens. Initial instructions can be found here.
What the Sapiens sometimes call ‘mobile phones’.
Really Simple Syndication. (Probably.) See feeds.
Man the thinker. Partially aware of what’s happening in Emergent Game, but not actively involved.
The unit of measurement of kudos. Like points, only better.
The Game
The Game is a temporary name for the game because the game doesn’t have a name yet. The Game is being developed through a series of collaborations and interactions - we’ll let you know what it’s called as soon as we find out ourselves.
It’s free and you’ll need to set up an account to play the game. Please refer to the Initial Instructions and once you’ve made your first update someone will introduce themselves and guide in what to do next.