Emergent Game is a collaborative project: it has been - and is being - shaped by many different people. Thankyou.

We would also like to acknowledge support from the following sources:

New Generation Arts
NGA logoEmergent Game has been funded by and is part of the New Generation Arts festival 2008
fizBirminghamfiz (Free Information Zone) is providing free wi-fi access to the Emergent Game website within a one mile radius of Birmingham city centre. More information here.
Ana Benlloch
Delivery of workshops and general co-conspiring.
Markuz Wernli Saitō
Actions and counteractions.
Sadie Plant
Watching. Thinking. Writing.
Martin Whinnery
Programming and behind-the-scenes automagic-ery
notgordian and konamouse
Perspective and vocabulary.

In Deep End-Dance Day +1.

A huge thank you to the following Sapiens for their contribution to the Grand Finally:

The Pen Room
For delivery of message when @cross_triangle said “78”.
For storage of mission packs in the Richard and Judy section and under the travel tales table.
The Law Courts
For telling Nikki about the portcullis and going off in search of the bear.
Central Library
For sharing the Shakespeare collection at such short notice.
Alex and Vanessa
For following the Ludens around, taking photos of them without being noticed and for adopting Furpile for the day.