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loki story

June 20th, 2008  |  by pm  |  published in Commentary for Sapiens

[a story told by @avalokitesvara (Loki) for mission 31]

Once upon time is nice sapien who sad about all the other sad sapiens going all “Oh I is missrable cos I has no munni” or “I is loneli and it make me cry”, so he go around trying to make evryone happy innit? But noone really get happier and he try to fink why. He fink and fink and try some good idea out but everyone still all “Why me?”

So he sit down unner a tree like he seen some other sapiens doin and wait for answer. Long long long long long time latr he forget why he sitting there, but he suddnly kno why evryone so sad and he try to splain to evryone. He manage to talk to many sapiens but only one or two gets it before he so old he lay down and not get up. Now, unlike mose other sapiens he learnd how to have a nuther go from beginning, like after GAME OVER and you pushes PLAY. See, he unnerstands PLAY is answer for sad Sapiens so can become Ludens and not have no more “Oh, poor ole me, I is so unforchoonet”. But still after many more times GAME OVER, still lots more sapiens going boohoo. So venchully he come back as summink diffrent so more peepl notices and maybe lissn. This time comes back as big blue rabbit (but can go small too for fit in pockets) cos you see it is loki has bin talk about… eternal happy bunny. Forgots original face and original name, but has new name.

Name Avalokiteśvara made up of parts: first bit ava, meaning “down”; lokita, mean to “notice, or observe”, and las bit īśvara, meanings “master”, y’know like Jedi Master in star wars or summink, but no killin involved, just lots of luvin insted. Although, could also be ending svara (“sound, noise”), which means “sound perceiver”, so maybe that cos of the big ears innit?

Any way has own song an everythink what goes OM MANI PADME HUM, nice innit?

Day 15

June 20th, 2008  |  by pm  |  published in Commentary for Sapiens


Today was the day of egorbeaver’s tea party. 2 hours of it. A good time was had by all.


Day 14

June 19th, 2008  |  by pm  |  published in Commentary for Sapiens

Day 13 part deux

Shortly after @cross_triangle’s commentary broke off, Loki opened a shop. Go have a browse around - it’s got lots of stuff in it. This is one bunny determined to get in some bartering before The Game finishes!


Also Clivendale pulled Clivendale’s self out of the doldrums delivering public journey and Dave_the_mouse missions to earn the rank of Ludens Medius.

wheeker pipple

Helped by Lepufo and in the process of bartering for a Lepufo cape, Loki then told us a story to warm the cockles of our hearts.

Day 14

Appie continued to have problems trying to upload her graduation speech and egorbeaver had an overnight adventure.

Various Ludens started to get their tea party kits in preparation for tomorrow’s tea party. With a little bit of anxiety about what to wear. Cross_triangle solved that problem though after a little bit of assistance from quick-drawing, nice-talking ladybird_appie.


LeonHerring, after some hesitation about the lyrics, hit us with this:

emergent hat song from Leon Herring on Vimeo.

Big news of the day:

cross_triangle HIMPORTANT NOUNCEMENT, i, @cross_triangle, is try make tresure hunt!!!! all tresure is same so only need 1 …

and the hunt was on

Whilst most of the treasure will have to be found before any points can be allocated, cross_triangle’s other map of useful resources for “where buy tings fix/improve avataris” is effective straight away.

Appie was next to take up the treasure-hunting challenge: talking us through the experience of finding the first and then going on to find a second as part of a barter with LeonHerring.

The nature of the treasure and the found location remains a secret though…

LeonHerring managed to find some treasure too, so Leon and Appie are now re-negotiating their barter. Much, much, much bartering activity still going on all round between most of the avataris as it has been for the last couple of days…

Meanwhile, appie finally got the speech uploaded! Here it is:

finally, is my vehr persuasive spich from ladybird_appie on Vimeo.

um, it appears to be in some sort of code…

Here are the points for the end of day 14.
Congratulations to LeonHerring whose hard work(avoidance) over the last day or two has resulted in graduation to the rank of Ludens Excellens.


Day 13 scores

June 18th, 2008  |  by pm  |  published in Commentary for Sapiens

Here are the scores for Day 13.


Congratulations to Clivendale for graduating to Ludens Medius!

Day 13

June 17th, 2008  |  by pm  |  published in Commentary for Sapiens

hey is @trigonal_cress here wiv today nuz. is bin amlost totly CAPE CAPE CAPE, but halso jokes, sadness and name squishup.

firsly, CAPE. @egorbeaver extracitedcantsleep cos of CAPE in posht from @ladybird_appie, who minwhile was confused about cephalopods whilst cited about promotion. when CAPE arrive, fulfilled all @egorbeaver hexpectations, plan not take CAPE off never.

egorbeavor's cape

@LeonHerring bin hextra busy too, kicksing off wiv sev joke, zinks, fiddling wiv bs, more recon, writings of the articles, an houserhuntin, of which @cross_triangle fave = dis one:

Leon Crampt

@wideface turn up, have little guess at jok, back sleep.

@avalokitesvera have busy day, not onlie get CAPE bartrin style orf @LeonHerring, but also gather some zinks, an try bartrin spesh bag for to catch smalls pipple.

Loki cape

@laybird_appie tinks about mekkin spich, den make spich, but at time of reportering, it all borked. mebbe @SCARLET SIGNOR can hep fix tmrw yesno? den @ladybird_appie get an-tatered vershun up:

@ladybird_appie also done household mish on, wiv slight HATHATHAT issue

@furpile pop up briefle, see if find @lepufo bot. @lepufo, minwhell, bin hextra hextra busy bunny mekkin not one CAPE but two CAPE, one fer @avalokitesvara and an one fer @puppetsocky. ooooh says evry avatari, ooh double CAPE.

Lepufo cape

@cross_triangle, dat me, heylo, is playin wiv der angrams. mebbe is @trigonal cress. or @scarlet signor, dat genyus from @yohmoh.

finly, @Clivendale get sad, but avataris rally round, he cheers up :). so all is hapsy at end, an almos everyone got CAPE.