This website documents the first version of Emergent Game, played between April and July 2008.

An essay by Sadie Plant about this version of Emergent Game is available here: http://ludogeography.npugh.co.uk/texts/emergent_play/

For more information on Emergent Game v2 (Call and Return, played out across the UK and Japan in September 2008) go to http://ludogeography.npugh.co.uk/projects/callandreturn/.

Subsequent versions have been run by the pervasive games network BARG and are documented in various places on the BARG website.


Welcome to Emergent Game

Emergent Game is a framework for you to use to explore your surroundings. Some of it takes place online and some of it takes place out in the streets. What happens within The Game is dependent on the contributions you make and the interactions you have with others.

There are two groups within The Game: Ludens and Sapiens. Your first task is to decide which is the one you belong to:

Group 1: Ludens (the Players)

As a Ludens you will work to complete a selection of tasks. These tasks will earn you points and allow you to progress through the Ludic Ranks.

The first set of tasks will be issued on Thursday 5th of June.

To play as a Ludens, you’ll need: a toy to represent you within The Game (we play anonymously); access to an internet connection; an active imagination; and, above all, a good sense of fun.

Most people in Emergent Game are also using their mobile phones and/or a digital camera. This makes it more interesting, but they are not absolutely necessary to play.

You can get a head start by becoming a Ludens ahead of the main game play. Follow these initial instructions and, once you have made your first update on Twitter, someone will introduce themselves and show you what to do next.

Get ready.

Group 2: Sapiens (the Thinkers)

As a Sapiens you can steer what is happening within The Game without being as actively involved as the Ludens. You could start by devising some tasks for the Ludens to complete…

We also provide commentary on the main action within the game so Sapiens know roughly what is happening. To read this go to the Commentary for Sapiens section of the website or subscribe to the Sapiens news feed for automatic updates.

You can also get real-time updates via Twitter by following @TheLudensShow.

Sapiens? Ludens? Choose.